Popular Demand Photos

Sightseeing  along the River Almo in Florence (Firenzi) Italy. 1992.

On the River Seine, out side Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris, France. 1990.

7th April 1986. Outside St Josephs Catholic Church, Edgecliff. Sydney.                                     A big day for the Boyle & Conti Families.

            John & Grace on the way to their Wedding Reception at “Eliza’s” in Double Bay.

View from Hotel Room at Weifung, Shangdong Province. Central China. 1997.

Traditional, Reproduction pleasure craft.  Lake at Jianne (Gee arn)  Shangdong. 1997.

Relaxing on board.

With Business delegation. Touring the “The ancient Forbidden City.” Central Beijing. China. 1997.

As Legal advisor to Apraa Trade Talks. Beijing. China.  1997.

            Beijing Trade talks. 1997.

Tiananmen Square . Beijing China. (Usual level of pollution.)  The square goes that far, and that far again,  in all 4 directions.   National People’s Congress Building on left. (Formed pursuant to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE PPC, as  adopted by the 1st Session of that Body held there, on the 05/03/1978.  Not to be confused with the CONSTITUTION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA. (as adopted by the Eleventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China on 18/08/1977).

“John at Tiananmen Square, Beijing 1997.  It would be perfect for some basketball or tennis courts. !?”   A uniquely tense and surveiled quartier. “

Photo taken by John’s father outside the ancestral home in High Street, East Maitland NSW, around 1958.  Showing from left to right, John’s three Aunts (his father’s sisters) as Order of St Joseph Nuns (“Brown Joeys”)  < Auntie Mary (recently deceased, remained in Order all life), Auntie Carmel (still in the Order) and Auntie Tess (been happily married now for over 30 years) > .   Also showing John’s eldest sister Colleen, then aged about 13 years old (potential Nun?),  with John’s proud Paternal Grand Mother Florence Boyle (nee Cook,) looking on.

John and cousins outside the same house in High Street East Maitland,  NSW,  in 2006. (The brick wall around the Veranda has been removed.)

John (on horse with hat on) trekking in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. On way to outpost of Ambulawa , between Mount Hagen and Goroka.  In 1969.   In foreground is our Guide. Photo taken by his sister Colleen (then a Lay Missionary at Madang High School.) 


John then aged 14 years old, with Groom (brought his bow and arrows just in case),  at Mount Hagen, New Guinea,  Wedding Ceremony.  1969.

John with the same Native Guide, outside a Patrol Officers Hut, where we stayed over night.  1969. About 100 kilometers north of Mount Hagen, New Guinea.

Tsingtao, (“Ching dow”),  sometimes spelt Qingdao, China, (where the great Beer Factory is).  Old German style Hotel where Chairman Mao (aka Mao Zedong born 1893 at  Shaoshan,  in Hunan Province),  often stayed.    John’s photo shows Mao’s Study.

The staircase leading to Mao’s Study. John in China 1997. 

Chairman Mao’s bedroom.   Obviously, he was always “doin it tough” for the people.


Photo taken in 1990 of the excavations and footings for the Blackheath house. Temporary accommodation is shown middle right of photo.

John’s then wife Grace in partially completed Blackheath home, 1991.     Fire place now working.

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