Conservative Campaign Council
of Australia

A Pledge to save Our Constitution. An Anti-republic Action Group.

The C C C (Triple C) is a private organization formed after the recent Constitutional Referendum: in order to provide professionalism, and a hard edge, to any future polling-day activities.

Its aims & objectives are:



Contact John Boyle, National Convenor, for Meeting details.

Ph: (02) 9280 0788
Fax: (02) 9280 0388
Mob: 0418 404 222

Suite 209, Level 2
661-663 George Street
(Corner of Campbell Street)
Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000

PO Box K346
Haymarket NSW 1240

Register your interest NOW.....this is not a last minute, thrown together, group of polling booth hopefuls...this is a highly resourced, politically skilled, ruthless, standing army.

NB: This is a privately funded and organised Association of patriots, each of who has very substantial personal wealth. We do not accept or seek public funding, donations or educational nonsense. We are the "front-line"....the "smart bombs" against the forces of national self-destruction.

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