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Our Operative Principles
What is it and what is the British Israel Message which It proclaims?

      The Federation emphasizes God's Plan for the restoration of this earth, which begins with the fall of man and ends with his ultimate restoration to God's blessing. This is the unifying theme which runs through the whole Bible and is the story of God's Will being translated into action through His Servant People, Israel, through His Son, Jesus Christ and, His Church.

      The British Israel World Federation is not a denomination nor a sect. It has been in existence as a coordinated body since 1919. Prior to this time there were in existence numerous British-Israel identity associations and councils, and their branches, which had been formed during the previous century in the British Isles, Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

      From 1830-1900 many books, pamphlets and periodicals were published and lectures given on the subject by such men as John Wilson, E. W. Bird, Edward Hine, Rev. F., R. A. Glover, Rev. W. M. H. Milner M. A., Rev. A. B. Grimaldi. M.A., Dr. George Moore and Professor Piazzi Smythe F. R. S.S. Astronomer Royal of Scotland, in the British Isles, and such as Rev. Dr. Joseph Wild, Dr. William Pascoe Goard and Professor Totten of Yale University, in Canada and the U.S.A.

      In 1919 all British-Israel identity associations and councils were amalgamated with London as the Centre, form a World-wide Federation, H.R.H. Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone and granddaughter of Queen Victoria, becoming one of the notable patrons of the new Federation.

Early References to British-Israel Identity

      Earlier reference to this teaching may be found. A few references are included here.

  1. In "Le Triomphe de la Providence et de la Religion" by the learned scholar, Dr. Abbadie, and published in Amsterdam in 1723, is expressed the view that the Northern European tribes, from which the English derive, are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
  2. In 1671 a pamphlet issued in Nether Dutch stated that the English-speaking people were Israel.
  3. In the time of Cromwell (c. 1647) a political reform movement, called the Levellers, sought reforms which threatened the dictator's power. Both Everard and Winstanley, prominent Levellers, are mentioned in connection with the belief in the Israelitish origin of the Saxon and kindred peoples. Everard stated that 'call the liberties of the people were lost by the coming of William the Conqueror and that ever since, the people of God had lived under tyra nny and oppression worse than that of our Forefathers under the Egyptians.
  4. King James VI of Scotland, and 1 of England, claimed that the Lord had made him King over ISRAEL, and upon the gold coin of his day, called the Jacobus. He had inscribed in Latin the prophecy of Ezekiel 37:22 "I will make of them one nation."
  5. In 1590 Lelayer, a French Magistrate, issued a large volume entitled "The Lost Ten Tribes Found" stating that they formed the then English peoples. ("Petite Parisien" June 24th, 1913)
  6. Queen Elizabeth I was known as the "Light of Israel" and Sir Francis Drake in a letter to John Fox asked for prayers that we might have continual peace in Israel."
  7. Vincenzio Galilei, father of the famous astronomer, in writing about the origin of the harp in Ireland mentions the native Irish tradition that they had descended from the, Royal Prophet David. 1581.
  8. The 33rd Law of King. Alfred the Great reads, for Vex thou not corners from afar and strangers, for remember, ye were once strangers in Egypt. (9th Century)
  9. Dr. Moses Margoutiouth, a Jewish scholar of the. 19th Century, in his History of the Jews said, it may not be out of place to state that 'the Isles afar off mentioned in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah were supposed by the ancients to be Britannia, Scotia and Hibernia.

      An interesting modern reference is to be found in the declaration of principles given in the, United Israel Bulletin, a non 'Christian, Jewish publication of April 1951 - "We believe that the Ten Tribes of Israel exist within the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Scandinavian-American people and that they in fact constitute them and that they are Hebrews in the same sense that Judah, Benjamin and Levi with the Jewish people are Israelites."

      The British Israel Movement seeks to reinstate the whole Bible as the authoritative guide for the individual, the nation and the world. We protest against Modernism, which destroys confidence in the Bible as the Word of God, making it of no authority to those outside the Church.

      We believe the basic tenets of the Christian Faith, viz... the Virgin Birth, Resurrection and Physical Return of The Lord Jesus Christ. We do not consider that the Modern Israeli State and the Karzar/Mongol eastern european promoters represents the prophesied return of true Israel to Palestine. We deplore and resent the fraudulent use of false biblical teachings, especially when used deliberately for current geo-political & re-colonialisation purposes!

WE BELIEVE THAT UPON the practical realisation of the true Identity & Spiritual Awakening of those who are the TRUE & RIGHTFULL DESCENDENTS of the House Of Israel....then the Holy Land will revert to its rightfull the fulfilment of god's written covenant with his people."


  1. That the Old and New Testaments as written in the original languages are the Divinely Inspired recorded Word of God which together contain God's Plan for the restoration of this world and the final overthrow of Evil.

    (2 Tim. 3:16-17,2 Pet. 1:21, Hab. 2:14)

  2. The profound truth of the Bible's history and prophecy ( history divinely foretold ) the knowledge of which is vital to a full understanding of modern world events.

  3. That Jesus Christ, though part of the Godhead; came to earth; born of a virgin as the Only Begotten Son of God; to express the Nature of God to man.

    (Col. 2:9 1 John 1:14, Isa 9:6, Luke 1:35, Heb. 1: 1-3)

  4. That He died for our sins but rose again thus securing the redemption of Israel and the Salvation of all who believe in His Deity and Sacrifice; and that personal salvation through faith in the atonement made by Him is necessary for all.

    (Matt. 1:21, Luke, 1:68, Mark 16:19, Acts 1:9-11 1 Cor. 15:14, John 3:14-18, Romans 5: 10-11, Romans 3:23-26)

  5. We believe in the personal return of our Lord, Jesus Christ; when the believing dead will be resurrected and; together with the living believers, will be caught up to meet Him in the air.

    (Acts 1: 11, 1 Thess. 4:13-17, 1 Cor. 15:51-52)

  6. We believe in the Holy Spirit and His mission.

    (John 14:16-17,26, John 16:7-11)

  7. That the Israel peoples, descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob, were chosen of God to be His witnesses and servant nation, through whom His Plan is being executed and that God's covenants and promises to Israel are being progressively fulfilled in these peoples.

    (Isa. 43:10-11, Ezek. 36:21-28)

  8. That "Judah" and "Israel" are NOT interchangeable terms and that the southern two tribed 'House of Judah' and the northern ten-tribed 'House of Israel' each has its own separate history.

    (Ezek. 37, Zech. 11:14, Psa. 114:12; 1 Kings 12:16, 20 & 24)

  9. That the British and kindred peoples are the descendants of the ancient Israel people who were lost to secular history after their captivities by Assyria and Babylonia and that modern Jewry is derived entirely from the Karzar & Mongol tribes of landless warriors, who adopted Talmudic beliefs when their King starting preaching such heathen & evil notions in the 12th Century AD. By the 16th Century they had become dispersed landless peasants in Eastern Europe.

    (2 Sam. 7:10, Isa. 49:1-3, Matt. 21:43)

  10. We believe in the continuing existence of the ancient Throne of David established by God in perpetuity, and in the lineal descent of the Royal House of Britain from the House of David.

    (2 Sam. 7:14-16, Psa. 89:3-4, Jer. 33:17)

  11. That the time is drawing near when the Kingdom of God will be set up on this Earth and those who have falsely claimed "inherited title" to HIS divine endowments shall be banished and their fraudulent biblical interpretations exposed; they shall ALL be sacrificed on the alter of OUR SAVIOUR'S TRUTH!

    We believe

  12. (a) that we are living at the "Time of the End and that Britain has lost much of her wealth and power in fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel Ch. 12, that Israel's power at this time would be scattered.

    (b) that this will lead to Israel's repentance and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the Throne of His father David and rule over the House of Jacob forever.

    (Ezek. 36:31, Joel 2:12-19, Luke 1:33).

    (c) that following His return He will judge the nations and rule over the earth.

    (Jude 14-15, Matt. 25:31-34, Luke 1:31-33, Zech. 14:9, Isa. 54:5).

What Good is the Knowledge of our Israel Identity?

      We are often met with the question "What does it matter if we are Israel?" as a reaction to our teaching. Frequently the questioner is a conscientious Christian who is quite sure of his own salvation through Jesus Christ and feels that, having this assurance, there is no need for anything further.

      The Bible contains God's declared purpose in Israel the accomplishment of which is vital to the regeneration of the world and the destruction of evil. British Israel teaching demonstrates that God has not "made a mistake" or "changed His, mind" as many would have us believe, but that His purpose is gradually but surely unfolding to a time-table in accordance with Bible prophecy. This proves without doubt, not only that God Is; but that He is faithful in keeping His promises which He swore on oath to Abraham.

(Gen. 22:16-18, Hebrews 6:13-20).

      This knowledge brings a certain and glorious hope to a world facing despair and annihilation.

      The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6 & 7) is an exposition and explanation of the principals that will apply in the Kingdom of God on Earth. Jesus Christ Himself told us what to pray for:

      "Thy KINGDOM come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven...

      For THINE is the KINGDOM, the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen"

      It has been Israel's special service to lead the nations in world affairs, national and spiritual, and by spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to acquaint individuals with a knowledge of Salvation through faith in Him and of God's plan for World Government which will bring all races throughout the world under His just and merciful rule.

      It is obvious that modern Israel must be cleansed of her many failings and moral backslidings before she will be fit to carry out God's purposes in His Kingdom. But that is what God, through His prophets, has promised to do. In Ezekiel 36:25-29 and Jer. 31:31-37 we read of the future restoration of Israel when God, in fulfillment of His promise of a New Covenant, will put His Spirit into the hearts of His People. His laws, statutes and judgments will be reinstated and obeyed in the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount and His promised blessings of peace and plenty will follow as a result.

      We believe that the Israel peoples are at present being deprived of their material possessions and prosperity as a necessary perquisite to their repentance, their national call for God's help and a reawakening to their destiny. This is the period called in Scripture the "Time of Jacob's Trouble" (Jer. 30:7-9).

      The coming Kingdom of God under the rulership of Jesus Christ is the ONLY politico-economic system which will bring freedom from want and freedom from fear to a world facing anarchy, chaos and destruction.


      Contrary to the general, sophisticated view of today, the true Faith as revealed by the Bible consists of more than a shallow acceptance of a few religious phrases. The Bible is an awe-inspiring revelation transmitted to men from the Mind of the Most High God. It presents a multitude of facets, marvelously linked together. We are not at liberty to accept some and reject others. It is indeed all or nothing hence the stern command of the Risen Lord neither to add to, nor take from; God's Word.

      The Bible's authenticity as the inspired, recorded Word of God is guaranteed by the volume of evidence available, both from within itself and from secular sources.

The Bible Itself

(a) Fulfilled Prophecy.

      The Bible's unique claim to be from beginning to end a record of God's Word (2 Tim. 3:16-17) is attested by fulfilled prophecy, which forms a large proportion of its writings. Its predictions cover a period of about four thousand years and most of these have already been fulfilled. Examples include the fall and destruction of Babylon (Isa. 45:1 and Is. 13:19-22), the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. (Lev. 26: 27 - 43, Luke 19:43 & 44), the freeing of Jerusalem in 1917 (Isa. 31:5) and, most important of all, the birth and life of Jesus Christ, the fact and manner of His death, and His resurrection

(Isa. 7:14 & 9:6, Micah 5:2, Isa 53:3-6, Zech. 11: 12-13, Psalm 22:16-18, Zech. 12: 10, Psalm 69:21, Psalm 34:20, Isa 53:9, Psalm 16: 10, etc.)

(b) Scientific Knowledge

      The Bible contains scientific knowledge thought to have been discovered only in the last few hundred years, e.g., the existence of radio waves (Job 38:35), the fact that the earth is a globe which turns on its axis in space and that over the north pole is an empty space in the heavens (Job 38:14, Isa. 40:22, Job 26:7), and many others.

(c) Numerics

      The remarkable numerical patterns which occur in the language structure of the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Old and New Testaments have been ably demonstrated by the work of Ivan Panin. This phenomenon is present in all the books of the Bible despite the fact that they were written in different languages by many different writers over a period of about 1600 years. This is a mathematical confirmation of the verbal inspiration of the Bible record.

Secular Sources

      Sceptics frequently dismiss the O.T. as a collection of myths, but these writings were the only Scriptures in Our Lord's time and were guaranteed by Him as authentic. He quoted extensively from them.

(John 5:39, Luke 24:27)

(a) Archaeology

      Archaeological research is constantly bringing to light finds which confirm the historical accuracy of Biblical statements and names previously rejected by socalled authorities as fiction. On the other hand, there have been no cases of such finds contradicting Bible statements.

      Recent discoveries of early but previously unknown manuscripts, which cover most of the New Testament; testify to the accuracy of the N.T. text. It has been said that the Sacred Writings were so extensively quoted from in early times that the Scriptures, if completely destroyed, could be restored almost in their entirety from this source.

(b) Historical Evidence

      Modern historical research into secular writings of early times, including the early history of ethnic groups, has confirmed and often added background to the basic story as recorded in the Bible.


      The Bible sets forth the Plan of God for this world. For the implementation of His Plan God chose one man, Abraham; and one section of his descendants, the People of Israel.

      Israel were to act as His Witnesses and Servant people and as the vehicle by which God's divinely begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, upon Whom the whole plan of God depended, would be born into the world.

      Because God's promises to the Israel people were sworn on oath they must be kept, and the Bible testifies to God's faithfulness in its account of Israel's continuing part in God's purpose despite their frequent disobedience; idolatry and wickedness throughout the years.

      By a covenant made in 1927 B.C; God established the seed of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob as the medium of divine blessing to all the families of the earth. Thus covenanted, Jacob and his family, seventy in number, journeyed to Egypt where they were to endure, subsequently, a period of bondage. Eventually, however, the Israel people, greatly increased in number and grouped into twelve tribes, escaped from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. At Mt. Sinai they were organized as God's kingdom nation and the Law of God was given to them. God established Himself as King of this nation forever, Israel thus becoming His Kingdom on earth, consisting of the nation (Israel), the King (Jehovah) and the Law of God.


      After 40 years in the wilderness Israel, under Joshua, became settled in Palestine, the land promised by God to Abraham. In 975 B.C. the twelve tribed nation in accordance with God's stated purpose; was separated into two independent kingdoms (1 Kings 11: 11 & 12:24). These two kingdoms became known as the House or Kingdom of Israel, consisting of ten tribes, and the House or Kingdom of Judah, consisting of two tribes. Each of these kingdoms persistently worshipped false gods and disobeyed God's laws and commandments, and after many warnings of divine punishment, both were eventually invaded and deported. The House of Israel, together with a large section of Judah, were deported to Assyria during the years 740 -721 B.C; and the House of Judah to BabyIon some sixty years later between 604 and 587 B.C., these regions being some 300 miles apart. From the times of the deportations the two Houses became separated and followed very different destinies. Because of their continual apostasy the whole of Israel had to endure the Prophesied "Seven Times" of punishment which was to continue for 2,520 years.

(Lev. 26:18+)

      However, God's plan was not dependent upon Israel's faithfulness but upon the faithfulness of God Himself. God's purpose would be maintained, regardless of Israel's disobedience.

      "Thou art my servant, 0 Israel, in whom I will be glorified!' (Isa. 49:3) But Israel's own peace, happiness and prosperity depended upon their obedience and faithfulness to God, and what a foolish people we have been down through the centuries, to turn away so frequently from our Divine Benefactor.

The Throne

      At the time of the Babylonian deportation all the male heirs to the throne of David were killed. However, the bible records that the king's daughters were taken to Egypt by Jeremiah the Prophet. It is through these daughters that the present Royal House of Britain may be traced back to David. This was in accordance with God's covenant with David.

      "I have sworn unto David my servant Thy seed will I establish forever, and build up thy throne to all generations.

(Psalm 89:3 & 4, 34-36; 2 Sam. 7:16)

The Jewish Nation

      The defeat of Babylon by Cyrus the Persian, a remnant of the Judah captives in Babylonia were given permission to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. These were later joined by others from Judah and Israel and thus began the development of the Jewish Nation into which Our Lord Jesus Christ was to be born and which, because of its rejection of Him, was defeated and scattered by the Romans from A.D. 70 to A.D. 135. At the same time both Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed as clearly foretold by Our Lord. (Luke 19:44 & 21:6)

      By Our Lord's day this nation contained a large number of proselyte peoples, the greatest proportion being the Idumeans who had been subjugated and incorporated into the nation in 125 B.C. by John Hyrcanus.

Ten Tribed Israel

      The majority of the ten tribed House of Israel never returned to Palestine from Assyria. With the collapse of Assyrian power c. 625 B.O., subjugated peoples became free and many captive Israelites moved out of the area. Eventual movements of many of the numerous descendants of the ten tribed House of Israel can be traced, from secular sources, to the northwestern parts of Europe.

      In the "Isles of the west" a nation was once more to prosper under the Throne of David and with a law based on the Law of God given at Sinai. This fulfilled God's promise to Israel given in, (2 Sam. 7:10.) it was to Israel in the isles that Isaiah addressed his grandest prophetic message. (Isa. 49)

      The great pivot of the Israel story is the birth death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible records In detail not only His Ministry while on earth; but prophesies His eventual return in power and glory to occupy the Throne of David from whence He will rule the earth in righteousness.

      By His Sacrifice on Calvary the Lord Jesus Christ paid the penalty for the sins of Israel as a people, thus reinstating them as God's servants. From the days of the early Celtic Church, missionaries have gone forth from the Isles of the west" taking the Gospel of Eternal Life through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice, not only to their own people, but to the whole world.


  1. The British Israel World Federation was formed to co-ordinate the efforts of the various groups seeking to spread the message of God's faithfulness.

  2. As well as the Gospel message of personal Salvation through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ; British Israel teaching stresses God's dealings with His People Israel; His promises and warnings to them and the many prophecies concerning them.

  3. It links Israel's history with the origin and development of the Celto-Saxon and kindred peoples in the British Isles and elsewhere, and calls attention to the marks and proofs of Israel's identity in the modern world.

  4. It demonstrates the continuing existence of the ancient Throne of David, established by God in perpetuity, and the lineal descent of the Royal House of Britain from the House of David.

  5. It seeks to call modern Israel to repentance and to alert them to their responsibility of obedience to God.

  6. It seeks to warn the whole world of coming judgement and to the soon return of Our Lord Jesus Christ as King of Kings.

  7. It draws attention to the large volume of evidence, both within the Bible itself and from secular sources, which confirms the accuracy of its-text and; above all its divine inspiration.

      Faith when so amply supported by solid evidence of God's ability to carry out His promises, becomes a vital and exciting experience entered into with complete confidence. Thus we not only believe in God but, what is far more important; we know that we can implicitly rely on all that He has promised to perform.

B-I AUSTRALIA is the contemporary and authentic carrier of the true Good News to the people of Australia. Its members pledge themselves to these spiritual aspirations and practical objectives!