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British-Israelite World Federation AUSTRALIA

Our Goals, Purposes and Objectives
The true spirit of British Israel

  • To teach and generally give instruction in the Bible in its entirety, with special reference to the history of, and God's dealings with His chosen people, 'The Israelites', the promise and admonitions to, and prophecies concerning such people, and the marks and proofs of true identity of God's chosen people.

  • To teach and give instruction in the secular history of the Holy Land, and expose any Myths, Conspiracies and false Biblical teachings and practises about it.

  • To teach and give instruction in the origin, history and destiny of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic People, as the true descendants of the Israelites of the Holy Bible; (whether within the British Isles, the British Commonwealth, Western Europe, the United States of America or Australia;) identifying them with the divine inspiration of our Saviour as manifest in their True Identity.

  • To teach and preach the full gospel, comprising the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the Gospel of Salvation, for all mankind, and to expose and enlighten all false Biblical prophecies.

  • To assist, advance and spread True Religion as taught in the Bible, and to facilitate the religious devotions of its members. And, to hold regular prayer gatherings, Bible Readings, and Scripture Meditation Meetings to spread the good news of the true identity of God's chosen people.

  • In furtherance of the objects of the Company; to establish and maintain lending or other libraries and book depots; to sell and publish literature and provide internet facilities. And, to grant scholarships, endowments and arrange public lectures.

  • To conduct any lawful class of business for the purpose of raising funds, to solicit donations and subscriptions, and to facilitate the attendance of its Office Holders and Member, where possible, at International Conferences and Meetings of the World Wide British Israel cause, for the furtherance of the objects of the Company.

  • To work in harmony and co-operation with the world wide network of Federations and Religious Organisations with the same or similar objects and beliefs; and to form appropriate associations with same.
We represent the contemporary and authentic "True Covenant" Movement within Australia

B-I AUSTRALIA is the contemporary and authentic carrier of the true Good News to the people of Australia. Its members pledge themselves to these spiritual aspirations and practical objectives!