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History of the British-Israel-World Federation

      In 1914, the thirty-fourth year of its publication, The Anglo-Israel Almanac listed details of a large number of Identity Groups operating independently throughout the Britannic Isles and overseas in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and America. Out of these in 1919, was founded the British-Israel-World Federation. Supported by many prominent people over the past seventy years this Movement has been giving sound instruction on prophecy and related matters to the promotion of Christianity among the Covenant Peoples, so protecting it from individuals and subversive organisations trying to put an end to Christian activity.

      “The Banner of Israel” first published in 1877 by Robert Banks of Fleet Street continued until its incorporation in “The National Message” in 1926. “The National Message” was first published in 1922 and continued until 1981. These publications were available to members of the public. 'The Federation now produces the "Crown and Commonwealth" magazine, which is available to members of the public, as well as other literature.'

      The Federation has had many ups and downs during its existence, but most important, it has survived and is expanding again. The world wide decline in Christianity over the past thirty years is grievous, so the present is a vital time in our history, and with renewed support we can be influential in its revival.

      During World Wars I and II the Federation had a large membership, with many distinguished Patrons and supporters. Chief among the Patrons, until her death in 1981 was HRH Princess Alice of Athlone. She was at the first meeting of the British-Israel-World Federation and we were honoured that her daughter Lady May Abel Smith, continued the family link as a Patron of our Federation until her own death. Among other notable Patrons of that period were The Duke of Buccleuch Kt, The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Dysart, The Rt. Hon. The Countess-Dowager of Radnor, The Rt. Hon. Lord Gisborough and The Rt. Hon. W F Massey, Prime Minister of New Zealand.

      The Forces of the Crown were well represented in the membership of the United Services Organisation of the B.I.W.F, formed in 1931. Included in this distinguished group were Major-General C.A. Hadfield, Col. J. Garnier RE, Col. C.E.R. Mackesy CMG, CBE, DSO, Major J.Knowles OBE, Admiral G Cuthbert Cayley C.B. and Admiral Sir Richard H Peirse KCB, KBE, MVO.

      Among Church representatives in the Federation were well-known clerics such as The Rt. Rev. Bishop Vaughan DD, The Rev. Dr. Wm. Pascoe Goard LLD, FRGS, FRES, The Rev.A B Grimaldi MA, The Rev. Arthur Pritchard MA, The Rev. E J Wemyss Whittaker MA and The Rev. Dinsdale T. Young DD.

      The Federation trained many of its lecturers at its College at Harrow Weald. Founded in 1932 it provided accommodation for residential students and faculty. The College Lecturers included The Rev. Dr. Wm. Pascoe Goard, Dr. Courtney James, Dr. Norman James, Clifford F Parker, Rupert Thomas and the Rev Alban Heath. Of today’s body of Lecturers, Mr H E Stough remains the only one of the many students trained at the College.

      Without doubt British peoples are descended from the House of Israel and bear the marks of God’s Chosen People as defined in the Bible, and the Federation contends that the contrary view cannot be sustained. Those who maintain that the Old Testament Law and Prophets relate only to the Jews contradict the words of our Lord: “Think not that I have come to destroy the Law…. One jot or title shall in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled. "( Matt.5:17). The Law and the Prophets are to be found in the Old Testament. The Federation upholds the Laws of God: The Commandments and Statutes and Judgements.

      The Laws of this land were originally based on the Commandments: “Thou Shalt not Kill; Keep the Sabbath; Take not the Lord’s Name in Vain,” naming but three. We see these Commandments continually broken. Blasphemy on the radio and television is an every day occurrence, and our readers are trying to reverse these