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British-Israelite World Federation AUSTRALIA

Notices & Events

Members Meeting Schedule

The Federation holds monthly Bible and Prayer Convocations. Followed by Dinner with guest speaker, and convivial fellowship.

Our next meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Friday, 28th February, at our Inner West Sydney, Meeting Rooms. All interested Christian folk warmly invited to attend: (no charge and no obligation.)

Membership Application forms always available.

General Business and Annoucements

  • B.I.W.F. Springwood Meeting
    Held at Springwood CWA Hall
    At 2pm on Sunday, 9th March
    Many Guest Speakers and Refreshments Served.

  • British Israel World Federation Annual World Congress
    to be held at the Quality Hotel in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
    Friday, 3rd October - Monday, 6th October

  • The Annual London B-I Swanswick Convention
    Monday, 21st July - Saturday, 26th July

  • ALL WELCOME! - Please e-mail our Company Secretary if you would like details about joining our Australian Delegation. Discount accommodation available and great travel packages.

  • For any information about meeting locations please phone (02) 9365 4820

B-I AUSTRALIA is the contemporary and authentic carrier of the true Good News to the people of Australia. Its members pledge themselves to these spiritual aspirations and practical objectives!